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The City Council Public Works Committee, chaired by John Felix, prepared for full Council approval legislation for the mandatory separation of garbage to recycle waste in conjunction with the H-POWER project. Items such as aluminum cans, newspapers, office paper, cardboard, car batteries, plastic containers, metal scrap, glass and used crankcase oil will be picked up separate from the regular city refuse collection.

Currently about 9% of Oahu's solid waste is recycled. The city's goal is that by the end of 1991, 30% of solid waste generated will be recycled, reused, composted or otherwise diverted from incineration or landfill. By the end of the year 2000, 70% should be recovered.

The League supports the city in these efforts. As available space for landfill diminishes, the cost of garbage disposal increases rapidly. By this recycling effort there can be a saving of money, land and natural resourses, as well as a reduction of litter.

The pilot project to test the feasibility and cost-effectiveness of recycling will begin by July 1, 1990 in an area to be chosen by the city Public Works Department. The mandatory recycling program will begin soon after the pilot project ends on June 30, 1991. Fines up to $250 will be imposed on residences and businesses that refuse to separate their garbage.

Dorothy Turnbull

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