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President's Message

Twenty five Leaguers joined the eighty some-odd people who worked over the past two weekends preparing THE PUBLIC REPORTER for mail-out to 100,000 households on Oahu with at least one registered. voter. Despite the cut fingers, sore wrists, arms, legs and backs, hardy Leaguers worked on until the last packet was labeled and bagged at 5:45 p.m. on Sunday, when with a "hip hip hooray:", we staggered out to our cars and hit the freeway for home.

It was a monumental job and everyone pitched in -including spouses and children. The only regret was that some 80,000 households had to be omitted from the mail-out because of lack of funds. $25 each from 1000 concerned voters, or $10 each from 2,500 contributors, or $5 each from 5,000 persons would bring in the $25,000 needed for the final effort that would put THE PUBLIC REPORTER into the hands of all registered voters on Oahu.

The goal for the next year is to include all the Neighbor Islands in the mailing. All contributions to THE PUBLIC REPORTER are tax deductible.

The Initiative Coalition, of which League is a vital part, was the prime mover in encouraging public participation in forums on the Neighbor Islands on getting initiative on land use back into the hands of the Counties. League-sponsored forums were held in Kailua-Kona and the UH Hilo campus on the Big Island celebrating the passage of a Resolution by the Hawaii County Council endorsing land-use initiative for the Counties. We obtained a verbal endorsement of County initiative by Mayor Akana. The citizens were encouraged to contact their state legislators by phone and/or letters and urge them to take positive action on restoring initiative rights to the Counties as mandated by the County Charters. Duke Bainum, Mike Wilson and I joined in with Councilwoman Helene Hale to address the issue.

Other forums were held in Maui and Molokai in separate meetings attended by representatives from Oahu who shared their initiative experiences.

The House Committee on Judiciary will be holding public hearings on County land use initiative on the Big Island on Tuesday, October 17; on Maui on Monday, October 30; on Kauai on Saturday, November 18; and on Oahu on Saturday December 2, at 10:00 a.m. at the State Capitol auditorium. We will be testifying on behalf of restoring our County initiative rights and would appreciate the support of the presence of as many Leaguers as possible.

Arlene Ellis

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