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Advertising on Buses

Ready for public hearing soon is BILL NO. 135, a Bill for an ordinance relating to advertising on buses.

"Sec. 28-1.2. Authorization To Rent or Let.

(a) The director of finance is hereby authorized to rent or let advertising space inside City transit buses in standard or larger sizes hereinafter provided, subject to the following limitations: (1) there shall be no (political advertising, or) advertising which bears the name, signature, picture or likeness of any person holding elected federal, State or City (official) office or any candidate for such office; (2) no advertising shall be accepted which by reason of design, format or subject matter promotes or appeals to racial, religious or ethnic prejudice or violence; (3) no advertising which contains pictures, words or symbols of an obscene, lewd, lascivious or indecent character and no advertising for the promotion of any illegal, indecent or immoral purpose shall be accepted; and (4) no advertising of any product or service which is prohibited by law to be sold or offered for sale to minors or an age-based subgroup of minors shall be accepted.

Section 2. Ordinance material to be repealed is bracketed. New material is underscored.

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