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American Voter's Bill of Rights
President's Message (Arlene Ellis)
Honolulu Convention Center II (Astrid Monson)
Planning and Zoning Committee Up-date (Astrid Monson)
Public Participation in the Legislative Process (Evelyn Bender)
General Membership Meeting
League of Women Voters Presents - Choice (Linda Chinn)
Membership and Anniversary Dates
Advertising on Buses
Available for Circulation
Mythology of Growth and Transportation
UPW Vote Count
Editorial from Pacific Business News - 11/20 (George Mason)
In Memoriam
Council Observer Corps

Council Observer Corps

MAHALO to Dorothy Murdock for her nearly 20 years of faithful service on the Council Observer Corps. Dorothy is taking a well-deserved rest from this activity.

WELCOME to Betty Gordon who has consented to take Dorothy's place. Betty is no stranger to the Council and is fully qualified to take on this important position. All Leaguers interested in joining Betty, please call her at 955-0031.

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