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Planning and Zoning Committee Up-date

As is usual this time of the year, planning and zoning controversies are in full swing. Among current issues and Committee activities:

  1. Testimony at 10/11 and 11/14 City Council public hearings opposing Development Agreements bill in its present form. As we have since 1980 at the State Legislature, we objected to such agreements because they give developers vested rights which were never given by the courts, they tie the hands of future Councils, they exempt such agreements from initiative and referendum action, and they give inadequate opportunity for public input into the negotiation process.

  2. Formal comments were submitted to the City's Department of Land Utilization on 10/14 on the Application for a Plan Review Use Permit for a Convention Center complex on the Aloha Motors site.

  3. Testimony at 11/8 Council public hearing on Kipapa Ridge (Waiola) Estates, continuing our opposition to further development in Central Oahu rather than Ewa, but supporting Councilman Gill's efforts to keep affordable housing affordable long-range through buy-back and shared appreciation measures.

  4. Testimony at 11/8 and 11/15 Council public hearings on 1989 Development Plan Amendment package. Included among other items was our opposition to raising downtown heights to 500 feet and our support of retaining the present annual package review rather than eliminating it in favor of a case-by-case approach.

  5. Participation in a Channel 20 "The League of Women Voters Presents" program on the Aloha Motors Convention Center issue. This is being aired every Monday night in November at 7 p.m.

  6. Participation in State Planning office conference on methodology and procedure to make an evaluation, as ordered by the Legislature, of the carrying capacity of the State's Land and infrastructure in relation to year 2010 population and visitor projections. A pilot study will cover Central Oahu and Ewa first.

  7. Analysis of City's preliminary report on plans for a rail transit system, including eleven alternatives -- a "no build" option based on retaining present number of buses, an improved and augmented bus system, six full-length rail systems (about 17 miles) and three minimum-length "starter" rail systems.

  8. Preparation of testimony for 11/15 public hearing by the Hawaii Community Development Authority on a proposed "Makai" plan for that portion of Kakaako makai of Ala Moana Boulevard, including the waterfront from Aloha Tower to Ala Moana Park.

  9. Testimony was prepared on the 1989 Land Utilization Ordnance (Zoning) amendment package, covering transient vacation rentals, bed-and-breakfast homes, corporate retreats, Ohana housing, and golf courses. for Council public hearing 11/22.

  10. Preparation of answers to common objections made to initiative in land use issues for use by League at 12/2 House Judiciary Committee's hearing.

  11. We need new blood. Leaguers. interested in any of these issues are invited to join the Committee. The next meeting will be on November 27 at noon in the League office.

    Astrid Monson
    Chair, Planning & Zoning Committee

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