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Census '90

On April 1, 1990, the Census Bureau will conduct the 21st decennial census of the United States. The Census Bureau took the first census 200 years ago and has conducted a national census every 10 years since then. In 1990, the Census Bureau will celebrate the bicentennial anniversary of census taking in the United States.

Success of the census depends on you, on everyone. In 1990, questionnaires will be delivered to more than 106 million housing units and living quarters in the country. More than three hundred thousand census takers and support personnel will help conduct the census and add up the final results. How well you cooperate will determine how accurate the census will be.

Apportionment determines how many congressional representatives each state gets, and reapportionment occurs after each census. Title 13, United States Code, assigns the responsibility to conduct the census to the Secretary of Commerce, who delegates this task to the Census Bureau. Using a method the Congress has chosen, the Census Bureau calculates the apportionment based on the results of the census.

Redistricting determines the boundaries of the congressional and legislative districts for the state. After each census, states redefine their districts based on the number of representatives they have been apportioned. In delineating these district boundaries, states almost always use the most recent federal census counts.

The census will create about 635,000 temporary jobs. The Census Bureau will hire about 565,000 people, some of whom will do more than one job.

About 1.6 million people will-be tested for temporary jobs. The jobs available in Hawaii are as listed:

Crew Leaders @$8.50-10.41, Enumerators $7.50-9.19, Clerks $8.27 per hour.

The jobs will last from 2 to 8 months.

All Leaguers interested will be trained and tested at the League office. Call 531-7448 or 537-6267 and get involved in this very worthwhile effort. You can earn some pin money while giving a much needed public service.

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