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City Council Review Committee

The City Council Review Committee held its organizational meeting on January 18. The review of our present position on the City Council was adopted at the 1989 Annual Meeting of Honolulu League.

On the agenda for this first meeting was the deciding of the scope of the review, the review process, methods of gathering information, a time frame for the review, and the distribution of responsibilities.

We have learned that the City Charter Commission will commence its work in 1991 and work through part of 1992 which gives the League committee a year to prepare for membership consensus on a new League position on the City Council.

At the next meeting on Saturday, February 3 at 8:30 a.m. at the League office, we will continue work on the January 18th agenda. We will also begin discussion on the role of, and our expectations of the City Council and its members.

We are sure we have not reached everyone who might be interest in being part of this exciting process. If you would like to be involved, give the office a call, 531-7448, or call Jean Aoki at 949-7457. We'll send you a copy of the minutes of the first meeting and a copy of our current position.

The members of the committee are: Jean Aoki, chair, Eve Anderson, Evelyn Bender, Shirley Cartwright, Linda Chinn, Joel Decker, Betty Gordon, Anna Hoover, Yvonne Kearns, James Koshi, Ah Jook Ku, Anne Lee, Mary Rose McClelland, Astrid Monson, Dorothy Murdock, Betty Rogers, Patsy Saiki, Linda Soliven Pitman, Mildred Walston, and Marian Wilkins.

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