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President's Message (Arlene Ellis)
Special Acknowledgement (Martha Black)
Planning and Zoning (Astrid Monson)
People's Water Conference (Martha Black)
Census '90
Proposed Bylaws Changes
League's Wish List
City Council Review Committee
League of Women Voters Presents
Vote Counts
City Funding
Special Thanks
State League Plans Fall Conference
Ten Commandments of Citizen Lobbying

League's Wish List

Honolulu's League office is moving into the 1990's with renewed energy and an ever-expanding sense of purpose. Help us reach our members, community representatives and the general public more effectively. Donation of any of the following items will greatly enhance our communication capabilities.

IBM compatible computer hardware (for easy networking); laser printer (to allow us to do all lay-out in-house); word processing and data base software (user friendly); electronic typewriter repair service contract (we have an IBM and Olympia that could use service); telephone answering machine (for our alternate line) and any file folders, paper clips and large mailing envelopes.

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