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"The League of Women Voters Presents"

Initiative is the topic under discussion on January's "LWV Presents".

Guests on this program are: Clayton Hee, former head of the Hawaii State Senate Judiciary Committee; David E. Matthews, a leader in the Save Sandy Beach initiative campaign and Chair of the Initiative Committee Hawaii; and Ben Hopkins, a former professor of law, U11, who is an active member of the People's Coalition and Hands Around Oahu. Karen Ahn is panel moderator.

The status of initiative was discussed reminding viewers that we do not yet have initiative at the State level. One panelist stated that a Bill for indirect initiative, SB 222; is still alive because it had no hearings in the House. (This Bill, if passed, would not give us initiative but merely place the issue on the Ballot as a constitutional amendment for the voters to decide).

Panelists also discussed the recent Hawaii Supreme Court ruling that removed the right of the people to vote on zoning issues at the County level.

The panelists did not believe that having initiative could interfere with the planning process because it is too hard to use and must be supported by so many people. They cited numerous instances of poor planning done by "experts" and agreed that the people need initiative as a last and desperate resort when all else fails. One panelist said that he believed the main reason those in power opposed initiative was because they did not want to share this power with the people. It was easier to control a group of legislatures than the whole populace.

It was pointed out that even though monied interests have an advantage in outcome of an initiative, they have the same advantage in elections.

This "LWV Presents" was co-produced by Marian Wilkins and Katie Lowe.

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