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Vote Counts

We are beginning the year's vote count activity with OHA on Saturday January 27. We need at least 20 volunteers. The system will be much like the Neighborhood Board vote count. The activity will be cleaning computer cards in preparation for feeding into a computer and manually duplicating cards that have been mistreated and unacceptable to the computer. The vote count will be held at the Lt. Governor's tempo-rary elections offices at 802 Lehua Ave in Pearl City, next to the Pearl City Tavern.

League volunteer will meet at the 3rd floor level of Ala Moana Center parking lot outside of the LH Garden Court Restaurant at 9:00 a.m. where a van will transport us to Pearl City. Time is of the essence, so please call the office today.

Hold the groans, all you old-timers, but it is time for the Pearl Harbor FCU vote count again. Yes, there is still that hassle of getting passes to enter the Base, and we still begin at 7:30. a.m. for the week within the Base. This is an on-site balloting process that is great for those who do crossword puzzles or word games, for writing letters, or swapping stories with your partner. One year I picked up some great recipies I have yet to find time to try out.

The following is the schedule of locations and times. 2 volunteer are needed for each day.

2/27-3/2, 1580 Makaloa St. 8a.m.-4
3/3,.1580 Makaloa St. 8a.m.-3
3/5 & 3/9, 295 7th St.PH, 7:30-4:15
3/7, 295 7th St., PH, 7:30-1:00p.m.
3/6 & 8, NSC Br. PH, 7:30-4:15
3/10, Coral Ballroom, 5p.m.-9p.m.

The 3/10 session at the Hilton Haw'n Village includes dinner and the final tallying. We will need 12 for this part of our activity.

For those of you willing to work in Pearl Harbor, we will need social security numbers and license #'s.

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