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"LWV Presents"

The March subject for "The LWV Presents" is "Rail transit and the excise tax." Karen Ahn, League member is the moderator, and Mark Henry and Jeremy Harris, participants.

Mark Henry is a CPA and lawyer and has been a member of the state's Tax Review Commission which has recently completed a tax review and presented its recommendations to the legislature.

Jeremy Harris is the city's Managing Director.

This last program is one in a series of programs shown over the public access channel. Since the early fall of 1986, League has presented monthly shows on subjects of interest to League members and to the viewing audience.

The April program will be on the subject of transferring Kakaako from the state to city control. Speaker will be Don Bremner, President of the Kakaako Improvement Association, Rex Johnson, Director of the Hawaii Community Development Authority and Councilman Gary Gill.

Cable Channel 20 shows locally produced programs, currently between 5 p.m. and 10:30 p.m.; they vary in format, content and level of production but each takes advantage of the public access opportunity required through FCC legislation.

League members are encouraged to join the production crew. Call Katie Loew, our Producer-Director, at 737-7297, to find out how you can help with camera, audio or character generation. It will take some training and then four hours a month. And it will be fun!

Dee Lum
LWV Channel 20

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