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Neighborhood Board Commission

The City Administration has submitted a proposal to the Neighborhood Board Commission to align Oahu's Neighborhood Board boundaries with the State Representative Districts.

The main statement of the League's position on Neighborhood Boards is: "The League of Women Voters of Honolulu believes the Neighborhood Board system should be continued."

A member of the Downtown Neighborhood Board stated, "There are a lot of Board people on the Island who think this is a way to kill off the Neighborhood Boards"-making the proposed boundary changes.

The City Administration believes that 'one State Representative responsible for a whole Board area will get Boards more involved in legislative matters ... and that aligning with State Representative boundaries would distribute the population more equally than the present system does. Since the Neighborhood Boards were created to give neighborhood impact to the City Council, we wonder why Council Districts were not considered in any possible reapportionment. Individual Boards represent anywhere between 2,500 and 10,500 households. Under present regulations, Neighborhood Boards may vary in size from 9 to 25 members, depending upon the neighborhood population, which should result in just as much "equality".

There are doubtless many arguments on both sides of the question which will be aired in the near future. The proposal is under consideration by the Commission and recommendations are projected for the 1991 Biennial Neighborhood Board elections, as an amendment to the Neighborhood Board Plan. In the meantime, we shall keep abreast of further developments in the matter.

Mildred Walston

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