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Shoreline Setbacks

In a welcome change of pace, League testified on March 14 in support of Bill 7, under which eroding and unstable shorelines would be protected for an interim period of one year. The Bill, sponsored by the City's Department of Land Utilization, would be a temporary measure in effect while permanent extended shoreline setbacks are being considered. (At present only 40 feet setbacks are required, which are inadequate in many beach sectors.)

The purpose of shoreline setbacks is to preserve the natural shoreline, especially sandy beaches; to preserve public access along the shoreline; to reduce coastal flood hazards; and to preserve open space along the shoreline.

In 1989, a new Oahu Shoreline Study was prepared for the City by Sea Engineering Inc., updating a 1981 study entitled "Beach Changes on Oahu as Revealed by Aerial Photographs" which also had recommended extending setbacks along various portions of Oahu's shoreline.

At the hearing, opposition was expressed by a number of North Shore property owners whose lots were so shallow that the extended setbacks would have created a hardship for them. The Council is considering how their problems could be addressed by amending the Bill.

Astrid Monson
Planning & Zoning Chair

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