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Hawaii's Dream

While browsing through some old newspaper and magazine articles one day, we came across the following copy of a floor speech given by the late Representative Roland Kotani, on April 4, 1988, at the State House of Representatives in support of Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday bill.

The sentiment expressed by the late Mr. Kotani, we feel is as appropriate today as then.


"We, too, in Hawaii have a dream. We have a dream that the day will come when the immigrant Filipino, and the newcomer Black or White from the mainland will not face the bigotry of narrow-minded 'localism' but will be welcomed as valued participants in our local community;

We have a dream that one day the Hawaiian kid from Waianae or the Samoan kid from Kahuku will be able to share the same aspirations and ambitions for the future as the private school student from Kahala;

We have a dream that we will see the day when there are no more homeless in need of shelter, no more hunger that is left unsatisfied and no desperation that is not met by compassion and support;

We have a dream that the day will come when Hawaii, the shining beacon of hope for humanity in the Pacific, will cast its light not only with promise but with the reality of a society in which all men and women are accepted as equals and are striving for the common good.

On this day, let us remember Dr. King and let us dream of better things to come."

Roland Katani

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