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Census Bureau Report

Census Day has come and gone, but a number of important scores must still be tallied before the 1990 Census is complete.

Many millions of people have already done their jobs; they have completed and returned their questionnaires. But for thousands of census workers, the game isn't over. Many players have yet to come to bat.

A number of critical events and operations will take place between now and December 31,1990, the deadline for the count of the nation to be delivered to the President. Some of these activities include:

  • The counting of those persons living in group quarters in April.

  • Contacting households by phone from April to June to resolve errors and unanswered questions about questionnaires.

  • Obtaining completed questionnaires in May and June from households which have not returned their questionnaires.

  • Field follow-up in June and July to obtain missing questionnaires or more complete information for returned questionnaires.

  • Providing local officials an opportunity to review housing unit counts by block, for their political jurisdictions.

Complete count committees headed by local, county, and tribal governments are at work reminding people that if they haven't been counted, there is still time. Assistance with questionnaire is still available to people with questions or language difficulties. District offices are hard at work processing questionnaires as they come in. It's taking 6,885 computer terminals, connected to 570 computers, to get the job done.

Census employees are feeling very good about what has been accomplished so far, but they know this is definitely not a time to relax. As baseball hall-of-famer Yogi Berra observed, "It's not over 'til it's over." And if your questionnaire is completed, you can perform a valuable service by checking with your friends and neighbors to be sure they've been counted also.

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