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City Council Orientation

Seven members of the City Council Review Committee met with Councilman Gary Gill on Thursday, May 10 for a quick tour of City Hall and a discussion of the City Council's responsibilities.

Mr. Gill divided Council's work into two categories: providing basic services and land planning, the latter being the more controversial and time-consuming of the two.

Land planning was explained as a five-pronged process. 1) The State Land Use Commission's division of land into agriculture, conservation and urban. 2) Preparation of a General Plan for Oahu. 3) Development Plans for the eight areas on Oahu to implement the General Plan. 4) Zoning which spells out density, setbacks, etc., and 5) Permits for preparing the land and building, which is handled by the administration.

Ohana zoning was discussed. Established by State law and mandated to the City, the policies and regulations have changed throughout the years. The City is in the process of mapping out areas where Ohana zoning will be permitted and the regulations that will govern them.

Oahu's nine Council districts are based on registered voters --each district including roughly 100,000 citizens and each Council member representing roughly 30,000 voters. The area of the districts vary because of the differences in density.

Council members staffs research and study complex issues and respond to requests for information. Support services such as the Office of Council Services and the City Clerk's office are available to each Councilmember.

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