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League Demonstrates

It was a beautiful, balmy morning for a stroll through Waikiki -- and that's exactly what a lot of Leaguers did last Saturday (May 12). We carried signs with slogans such as "Plan, Don't Cram", "Don't Put the Squeeze on Waikiki" and "Build in Haste, Repent Forever."

Over 125 people, of whom a fifth were Leaguers, paraded down Kalakaua Avenue to call for a comprehensive long-range plan for Waikiki. We had good media coverage, and many visitors showed support by saying "Thank you" and "It's about time" as we walked by.

The demonstration was a follow-up to a letter written on April 30 to the Waikiki Convention Center Authority. We urged them to delay their decision on the International Market Place convention center project and allow time for completion of the long-range plans which are now in process. We were joined by members of 14 other organizations who supported our stand. We and eight others testified at the May 14th meeting of WCCA. The WCCA decided to postpone their decision until the June 5 meeting. (location to be determined.) All Leaguers are asked to call the WCCA at 5485773 and urge them to delay their decision on the convention center projects to allow time to complete a Waikiki master plan.

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