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Rail Transit

The League was one of about 50 community groups and individuals who testified on May 8. on the "Alternatives Analysis and Draft Environmental Impact Statement" for the proposed rail transit project at the State Capitol. The hearing was conducted by the City's Department of Transportation Services.

The focus of the hearing was to raise questions, comments and criticisms of the draft. Our testimony consisted of 9 questions and criticisms on the way the alternatives were structured and analyzed. They were, in summary:

  1. Why was the Summary Table of rail ridership projections for various alternatives deleted?

  2. Why was the Summary of comparative total annual costs for each alternative absent?

  3. Why was only cursory treatment given to alternatives' to rail, with no maps showing bus routes to be maintained or added under any alternative?

  4. Why was cost effectiveness of rail alternatives measured against TSM, and not TSM against No-build?

  5. Why is there such a discrepancy between Honolulu total ridership projections than in other cities with rail systems of similar length?

  6. Why was very small growth in transit ridership projected for nonrail alternatives on the basis of poor bus service due to increasing street congestion--congestion which is projected to decrease by less than 2% even if rail is built?

  7. Why were no realistic alternatives to rail given?

  8. Why were there such questionable premises underlying some comparisons, such as time savings and train intervals?

  9. Why was no consideration given to the effect of higher fares on rail ridership?

League's formal comments on the AADEIS must be submitted in writing by May 23.

Many of the above questions were discussed at the April 30 joint P & Z and Transportation meeting at which Amar Sappal and Anthony DePaul of the City and Cliff Slater of Small Business Hawaii, made a presentation to over 25 Leaguers.

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