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Annual Review Process

League was invited by Ben Lee, the City's Chief Planning Officer, Dept. of General Planning, to meet with him on June 15 to discuss possible changes in the annual Development Plan Review Process. Also represented at the meeting were the American Institutes of Architects, the American Institute of Planners, the Land Use Research Foundation, and Oceanic Properties.

Following last winter's notorious controversy on the "Annual Review Process" our Planning & Zoning committee prepared an analysis and a number of specific recommendations on how the process could be improved. Copies were sent to the CPO and to Council member Leigh-Wai Doo, Chair of the Council's Planning Committee, for comment.

League's memo was a major part of the June 15 agenda. There was a good deal of agreement with our criticisms of the existing planning process, but no clear consensus on what should be done to improve it. Our basic position was that efforts should be made to change the annual review process from merely approving or disapproving specific developer-generated proposals, to publicly formulated comprehensive planning, as specifically set forth in the City Charter.

Further meetings will be scheduled by the CPO later in the summer.

Astrid Monson
Chair, Planning & Zoning Com.

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