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Participate in a Democracy!! Be a Precinct Official

Participate in a Democracy!! Be a Precinct Official

Gain personal satisfaction by helping in an important and fundamental function of democracy - the voting process. Serve your community by becoming a precinct official. Help your neighbors exercise their right to vote.

The precinct official is a- front line worker in the voting process. They assist voters at the polling site by giving instructions on voting procedures and answering any questions that voters may have.

You can be a precinct official if you meet the following requirements: 1. are a registered voter in the State of Hawaii; 2. are able to read and write English; 3. are not a candidate of a parent, spouse, sibling, or child of a candidate; and

4. attend a training session and pass a written certification exam.

There are several position available. The following are position descriptions and qualifications:


Manages the precinct.

Must be of the some political party as the Governor. Experience in at least two elections helpful. Honorarium 985.00 - $145.00

Voter Assistance Official (VAO):

Assists the chairpersons in managing the precinct. Assists voters with problems and special procedures. Experience in at least one election helpful. Honorarium $80.00

Precinct Official:

Provides basic voting services to the voter. Honorarium $75.00

Standby Precinct Official:

Report to election headquarters on election morning for dispatch to precincts requiring additional precinct officials. Personal transportation required.

If precincts do not require additional staffing, the standby precinct official will still be compensated the full rate. Honorarium $75.00


Stand-by at home on election morning for dispatch to precincts requiring additional precinct officials. May be contacted prior to election day to replace a precinct official who is unable to serve. If precinct do not require additional staffing the alternate will be compensated $5. If contacted to serve, but declines, the alternate will not be compensated.

For further information, call the Lieutenant Governor's office at 453-8683.

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