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President's Message

After a nine hour flight from Honolulu to Chicago, a 3-hour wait at O'Hare and a claustrophobic imprisonment in an airplane that pretended to be a bus and crept around the airfield until the pilot could see through the rain and fog to commence our "white knuckle" flight, we finally arrived in D. C. at mid-day.

Unable to sleep with the sun up and too tired to sleep at night. early the next morning I adjusted a couple of toothpicks on my eye-lids and began the marathon 4-day League Convention.

After two days of heated floor discussion, the delegation turned down the recommended 91.00 PMP increase leaving it at 918.00, adopted a two year study of the financing of the Healthcare system in the U.S., and adopted as issues for emphasis:

Right of privacy in reproductive choices;

Recycling, waste reduction and pollution control; Increasing citizen participation in the electoral process; child care; federal deficit and budget; and concurred on federal gun control measures.

The highlight of the Convention was the "Day on the Hill", when delegates visited with the Senators and Congressmen of their State and lobbied their support for the National Voter Registration Act and Campaign Finance Reform. The "Day on the Hill" ended with a rally on the Capitol steps. Representative Al Swift (D WA), Minority House Leader Robert Michel (R IL) and Senator Wendell Ford (D KY) spoke on electoral reform issues and congratulated the League on its 70 year record of promoting citizen participation in Government.

At the closing session Geraldine Ferraro addressed the Convention and. spoke on "Where Women are: In the Workplace, in Social Policy, In Politics". Sarah Brady, head of Gun Control Inc. , paid the Convention a surprise visit and congratulated the League on adopting a strong position in favor of Federal Gun Control in our Convention.

Susan L. Lederman from Hew Providence, New Jersey was elected the 13th President of the League. Lederman is a professor of Political Science at Keen College in N. J.

As a surprise tribute to Pat Shutt who retired after 8 years of service on the National Board, I handed her checks totaling $3,000.00 to the LWVUS Ed Fund given by her friends as a way to say thanks for her volunteer leadership and welcome back to Hawaii!

Arlene Ellis

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