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"The League of Women Voters Presents"

Recycling was the topic of "The League of Women Voter Presents" program on Channel 20. Featured were: Jane Deuser, Coordinator for the Recycling Association of Hawaii; Suzanne Jones, Director of the City's Recycling Office; and Richard Gerthan, a Materials Recovery Specialist; and a consultant to a recently held recycling seminar. Their discussion was moderated by Jackie Young.

Recycling was defined as "not wasting resources". The speakers felt that the most productive approach, is recycling education in the schools where the students eagerly learn alternatives to wasteful consumption and pens their enthusiasm on to their families.

Jan Deuser urged viewers to focus on what they buy. If people would purchase items that had more than a onetime use -- such as cloth napkins instead -- then we would be on the road toward lessening the recycling burden.

Richard Gerthan who lives in San Jose spoke of their separation efforts. They include plastics in addition to the usual aluminum, newspapers, cardboard and glass. Weekly pickups occur at the same time as garbage pickup. Bar glasses, office computer paper, as well as cardboard packing materials from business firms are also targeted for pickup and recycling. He noted that each local community needed to make local decisions which best suited their needs.

Suzanne Jones, speaking on behalf of the City and County of Honolulu, explained that the City is in a demonstration phase in its recycling efforts. After results are evaluated, island-wide programs will be instituted. As a first step, all City offices will be separating used white and colored office paper. In July, the City will begin a pilot program in Kailua where residents will separate useable waste materials and leave them at curbside for weekly pickup. Approximately 20 other communities will deliver recyclable materials to huge containers located in various school locations and that particular school will share in the revenues realized.

Those who missed this program in June are welcomed to borrow the VHS cassette from the League's office.

Katy Loew continues as a producer, assisted by Sue MacKinnon as Technical Director, Patricia Card on audio, with Dee Lum and Jim Koshi as camera and lighting crew. If you are interested in being trained, Katy will welcome your call at 737-7297.

Katy also serves as a treasurer for the Community Television Producers Association (CPTA). She represents the League on a newly formed Public Policy Advisory Committee created by 'Olelo, which was formed in 1989 to manage the Public Access System.

Also serving on that Policy Advisory committee is Dee Lum who was appointed following her participation on the Planning Committee which established 'Olelo. She had served as CPTA president for two years.

Dee Lum

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