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Vote Count

Nineteen League members counted ballots from 9am to 5pm on June 23 for the Carpenter's Union 8000 member election. During the 125 1/2 person-hours, 2,734 ballots were counted out of a total of 3,101 cast. While our fearless leader (Pres. Arlene) coaxed the envelope opener, the other Leaguers alphabetized, checked other envelopes against an eligible voter list, removed the ballots from the ballot envelope and tallied the votes.

During the 1987 Carpenters vote. count, 23 members. during 160 person-hours counted 3,220 ballots out of a total of 2,579 cast. With experience we have streamlined our process so that for the 1990 count we counted more ballots with fewer members. Practice does make perfect!

Thanks to all the Leaguers who gave their time for this League fund raiser. We need more members to help boost our bank account by donating their time to such efforts. Vote counting is a relatively painless way to help your League! During the process you will get to know some other. Leaguers better plus get a free lunch and all the refreshments you can consume. Think about volunteering for the next vote count.

Irene Jackson

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