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Honolulu League Members Seek Political Office

The League of Women Voters does not endorse candidates. however, the League encourages its members to become involved in the political process at all levels and in. all ways. We are always pleased to see Leaguers take an active part in the affairs of city, state and federal government. Therefore, we are providing this forum for League members who are running for office in the 1990 elections to state their positions on important issues.

Eve Anderson

League member and Waimanalo resident, Eve Anderson is challenging incumbent Representative, Cam Cavasso, for the seat representing Lanikai, Kcolu Hills and Waimanalo.

Anderson's major issues will be:

- The right of choice with regard to abortion; - Affordable housing;

- Improving our educational system; - Affordable child care;

- Traffic and growth;

- Initiative;

- Reducing crime and drugs; and

- Preserving Hawaii's environment.

She has been endorsed by the Hawaii Federation of Physicians and Dentists, the Hawaii Medical Association PAC, and she has been endorsed by and is a targeted candidate of the Hawaii State Teachers Association.

Eve has been an active community volunteer for the past 25 years. She helped establish women's athletics at the University of Hawaii and was the first President of the Rainbow Wahine Hui; she currently serves as Chairman of the Board of Trustees for Kapiolani Women's & Children's Medical Center. She is on the Board of: Waimanalo Neighborhood Board, the Sandy Beach Coalition, the National Congress of Hospital Trustees, the Hawaiian Humane Society, the Morris Animal Foundation, the Save Olomana Committee, and she is a past board member of the Ronald McDonald House and Therapeutic Horsemanship. Her campaign slogan is: "Don't Get Mad, Get Eve'n."

Duke Bainum

Former Honolulu League vice-president Dr. Duke Bainum is running as a Democratic candidate for the House of Representatives from District 30 - Waikiki/Ala Wai.

Health is one of Bainum's top priorities, and he has been holding cholesterol screenings (instead of the traditional coffee hours) to meet voters and get his message out. Duke is also committed to environmental issues. "My whole life has been devoted to health, whether that means a healthy patient, a healthy environment or a healthy economy," he says.

Bainum has been an active Waikiki community leader; he advocates sensible planning for Waikiki, including these steps:

- Limiting skyrocketing leasehold rents;

- Creating incentives for landowners to sell condo fees: - Continuing to clean up the Ala Wai Canal;

- Making Waikiki safer for residents as well as visitors; and - Providing more open space and pedestrian facilities.

As a legislative advocate, a physician and medical director, a former legislative aide, and an experienced businessman, Bainum is convinced that resolving our convention center and leasehold reform problems requires more energetic representation. He believes it is not enough to take the right stand. We must get the job done.

Rep. Virginia Isbell

State Representative Virginia Isbell will be running for re-election to the House of Representatives from the 5th District (Kona). Isbell, a Democrat, has served in the House of Representatives for the past ten years.

Rep. Isbell has been an Assistant Majority Floor Leader since 1988 and is Vice-Chairman of the Committee on Water and Land Use. She also currently serves on the following House Committees: Finance; Agriculture; Economic Development & Human Affairs; Planning, Energy & Environmental Protection; and Ocean & Marine Resources.

The full-time legislator stated that some of her priorities for the next legislative session include recycling and integrated waste management, building housing that is affordable for the working homeless, protection of our forests and protection of prime and unique agricultural lands in Hawaii.

Rep. Isbell is married to Donald Isbell who teaches at Konawaena High School. They have five children and four grandchildren.

Bertram Kobayashi

Democratic Senator Bert Kobayashi, a League member, is running for reelection from the 13th Senatorial district on Oahu.

Kobayashi has been a State Senator since 1982; he is chairman of the Senate Education Committee, and former chairman of the Health Committee, Transportation Committee and Red Tape Committee. From 1978-82, he served as a State representative.

JoAnn Yukimura

JoAnn Yukimura is running for reelection to the Office of Mayor, County of Kauai. Yukimura has been Mayor of Kauai since 1988, and was previously a Kauai County Councilwoman for four years.

Her major political accomplishments include:

- Began the County's Sunshine Markets;

-Lobbied for state grants-in-aid to Kauai County, which doubled from $3.1 million to nearly $6 million while serving as Council's Legislative Chair.

- Helped initiate Self-Help Housing program on Kauai.

- Spearheaded a Life Skills Drug Abuse Program at Kapaa, Kauai and Waimea Intermediate Schools.

- Co-authored State Shoreline Protection bill.

- Lobbied for sugar price supports.

- The County's Solid Waste program has been called "the best in the State." The Lihue Transfer will be completed by year end; Koloa Refuse Transfer will undergo construction next year. A pilot recycling program began in July.


Other League members who are running for office include Joan Hayes, Barbara Marumoto, and Samuel Lee. Expect the next publication of "Aloha Voter" to give you their positions on important issues.

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