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"The League of Women Voters Presents"

The League of Women Voters of Honolulu invited the Oahu Board of Education candidates running in the September 22,1990 Primary Election to appear on "The League of Women Voters Presents". Each of the seventeen candidates who had filed by July 16,1990 received a letter and at least one phone call encouraging them to take this opportunity to present their views on a few basic issues to Oahu's cable viewing voters

Of the four incumbent BOE members running in the election none were able to participate on July 28. Two said they would come to the next taping session on August 25, and two said they might be able to attend.

Seven other BOE candidates chose to appear in the August programs of "The League of Women Voters Presents". In the order shown these were Betty Lou Miura, Marcia Linville, Heidi Moseley, Blase Harris, Victor Mon, Frank Iverson, and Olga Sniffen.

Each candidate was introduced by Grace Furukawa, the moderator of the 1984 LWV BOE Candidates Forum. Mrs. Furukawa is a long time League member, a 20 year parent activist, and is deeply involved with public education for intellectually gifted children.

Mrs. Furukawa invited each of the candidates to address four questions which were given to them in the invitation. The questions were:

  1. What is the most pressing issue facing public education in Hawaii today?

  2. Do you think parents should be allowed to choose which public school their children attend?

  3. How can teachers be prepared to do a better job?

  4. What do you think can be done to improve public education in Hawaii?

"The League of Women Voters Presents", featuring the fast 7 candidates will air each Monday night in August at 7 pm on Oceanic Cable Channel 20. Those who do not subscribe to Oceanic are invited to borrow a VHS tape from the LWV office.

Katherine Loew

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