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President's Message (Arlene Ellis)
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President's Message

It's election year League has always encouraged participation of Leaguers in the election process, especially as candidates, and we are proud to state that we hope to lay claim to 12% of the available legislative seats. Eight League members are vying for the 62 legislative seats that will be filled this November. Unopposed in the 13th senatorial district is Bert Kobayashi (D). In the House we have incumbents Virginia Isbell (D) 5th, Samuel Lee (D) 12th, Barbara Marumoto (R) 23rd, and Joan Hayes (D) 30th. Entering various House races we have Cynthia Thielen (R) 19th, Eve Anderson (R) 20th and Duke Bainum (D) 30th.

It is unfortunate that we will not have League representation in the 9 Council seats that are open or to the Gubernatorial or Congressional seats, but that too may one day come to pass. In the meantime, encourage everyone with whom you come in contact to register to vote, and on September 22 and November 6, to get out to vote. Remember, if you think you may be out of town on those dates, ask the Lieutenant Governor for an absentee ballot.

Two League members have taken on the monumental task of publishing monthly newsletters in the public interest and for the public's edification.

ENVIRONMENT HAWAII mailed its maiden issue in July, filled with news about the accomplishments and non-accomplishments of the last legislature in the area of the environment. Patricia Tummons in her inimitable fashion, minces no words in her fact-filled report. The eight pages cover a myriad of environmental issues-worthy of saving for another look at another time.

We wait in keen anticipation for the August issue, which will have to go some, to top the first. For those who have not had the opportunity to be among the enthusiastic recipients of ENVIRONMENT HAWAII, we urge you to call Pat at 261-7194 and subscribe.

HAWAII MONITOR/CAMPAIGN SPENDING startled subscribers in its first issue in August, by detailing campaign contributions made to specific councilmembers and legislators that elicited not quite believable comments from the donees. Ian Lind, who championed the cause of "sunshine" in government, rivets his attention on politics and the circumvention of campaign contribution limits by those in the pursuit of position or power.

The behind-the-scenes look at local politics may titillate as well as dismay, but certainly not bore the reader. This publication comes out at a time that coincides with League's current emphasis on campaign reform. We urge all Leaguers to call Ian at 955-8830 so you can be sure not to miss the next issue when Ian will tell more.

Arlene Ellis

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