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Honolulu League Members Seek Political Office

The League of Women Voters does not endorse candidates. However, the League encourages its members to become involved in the political process at all levels and in all ways. We are always pleased to see Leaguers take an active part in the affairs of city, state and federal government. Therefore, we are providing this forum for League members who are running for office in the 1990 elections to state their positions on important issues.

Joan Hayes

State Representative Joan Hayes is running for re-election for a fourth term as a Democrat to the House of Representatives from the 30th District (Waikiki /Ala Wai).

Noise has been a top priority for Hayes who founded Citizens Against Noise (CAN) in 1970. It became the largest citizen group in the U.S. specializing in noise and has achieved many of its goals.

Other issues in which Hayes has been actively involved are:

  • Freedom of reproductive choice

  • Condo/co-op lease reform

  • Right to initiative

  • Modification of Hawaii's living will law

Hayes believes it is essential to have a Waikiki Master plan before any decision is made on a convention center.

Ben Hopkins

League member Ben Hopkins is running for Governor on the Democratic ballot. Mr. Hopkins, a full-time citizen activist, is concerned that a crisis has developed in housing and the cost of living, land use/economy/ environment, energy, transportation, Hawaiian rights, and government. Hopkins' major issues are:

  • Restrictions on foreign real estate investment

  • Requirement that developers build afford able home first

  • Condo leasehold reform

  • Rollback of residential rents and property tax assessments to 1987 levels

  • Moratorium on new hotel and golf course approvals

  • Elimination of subsidies for geothermal energy

  • Full use of non-rail alternatives before proceeding with rail transit

  • County land use and statewide initiative

  • Overhaul of the campaign finance law

A graduate of Yale Law School, Hopkins was formerly a law professor at the William S. Richardson School of Law. He has four grown children and three grandsons.

Sam Lee

Sam Lee is running as the incumbent candidate from House District 12, representing Mililani, Wheeler and Schofield.

He has been vice-chair of the Education committee for four years and a member of these committees: Higher Education and the Arts, Economic Development and Hawaiian Affairs, Planning, Energy and Environmental Protection, Ocean and Marine Resources, and Agriculture.

Barbara Muramoto

Representative Barbara Marumoto is seeking re-election to the 23rd House District seat. A Republican representative for 12 years, she serves on House Committees on Finance, Tourism, Transportation, Labor and Intergovernmental & International Affairs.

Barbara believes the legislature must deal with the tight housing situation by zoning more urban land, stepping up affordable housing and rental programs, cutting permit processing time, providing state tax incentives for builders, and helping leaseholders with their predicament-all in an effort to ease the housing crunch.

"If we already own a house in fee, fine! But if that is not the case, we do not have a secure future, and our children's future is in doubt as well".

Marumoto has four grown children and is married to Dick Coons, a CPA. She has been a League member since 1970 and is a strong advocate of women's rights.

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