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League Members Learn About Integrated TSM/Transit Systems

On August 23 several League members attended the first of a series of workshops on state-of-the-art TSM measures and techniques organized under the sponsorship of C.O.S.T. (Committee on Sensible Traffic).

With about fifty representatives of State and City agencies, community organizations, transportation professionals, and private enterprise in attendance, the meeting was opened by Council Chair Morgado.

The principal speaker, Horst Gerland of the German RUF-BUS (Call-bus) organization, detailed the development in a number of German cities of integrated, computerized transit systems dove-tailing light rail, main line buses, feeder buses, dial-a-ride systems, charter buses for school children, the handicapped, and other specific groups, share-ride systems, mini-buses, and public taxis in a coordinated system geared to the specific needs of different consumers.

Accessible by telephone from one's home, inauguration of these systems -- called F.O.C.C.S. (Flexible Operation Command and Control System)-has in some cities resulted in transit ridership increases up to 70%, with up to 85% of peak-hour commuters using the system.

Robert Behnke, nationally known transportation systems consultant, who has done several major transit reports for the State of Hawaii, informed the workshop that UMTA (Urban Mass Transit Administration) is now looking into this system for possible use in U.S. cities.

With the Federal budgetary situation going from bad to worse and higher gasoline prices, if not shortages, a grim reality, implementation of TSM measures may be needed not only as a complement or alternative to rail but to cope with what may be critical transportation problems long before a rail system could be built.

League members interested in attending future seminars should contact the League office for information.

Astrid Monson
Planning & Zoning Committee Chair

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