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President's Message (Arlene Ellis)
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Honolulu League Members Seek Political Office
Welcome New Members
Announcing: People's Water Conference #7

President's Message

With the City Council in recess and many of our members traveling or out of town, all is quiet on the League front. The office has been like a tomb for the last couple of weeks. The stillness is broken by the occasional ringing of telephones and by the groans or laughter heard after the conversation is over. (It is perfectly all right to groan or laugh out loud when one is alone.)

We would like to share some of the questions and comments we get on the phone. Some of you may want to volunteer for office duty and get in on this. Our comments and answers to the following have been omitted.

"Will the League endorse Pat Saiki? After all, she is a woman."

"Who shall I vote for in the BOE election? I don't know anyone."

"When are you scheduling the pre-primary debate for Governor? I am available any time."

"Send me a list of all the candidates who are running for office and their stands on all the issues. The New York League always does."

"Where do I register to vote? I just moved here."

"Who is Frank Hutchinson and what is he?"

"Send me a list of candidates I should vote for."

"I'm a registered Republican. How can I vote Democrat in the primary."

"Is Blasé (sic) Harris a woman?"

"I'm 26 years old and I never voted before. I want to register so that I can be on the Jury and make money."

"I've been away for years. Did that gangster ever become mayor -- the one who ran against that woman?"

"Send me a list of the candidates who are lawyers. I hate lawyers."

"I'm from the North Shore. What are you going to do about candidates who talk stink about incumbents?"

"Do you need a good speaker? ( Candidate ) knows everything."

"Why don't you run for office. I'll vote for you."

"I don't like any of the candidates in my district. What should I do?"

"(Candidate) has been paid off by his boss. What is the League going to do about it?"

"Send me a copy of your membership list. We need help on our campaign."

"What district am I in?"

"Do you endorse candidates and do campaigns? Are you registered as a political party?"

"Give me a list of all candidates who are pro-choice."

"You must be a Republican. I can tell. I know what Republicans sound like. I am a Democrat."

The questions and comments we got from the shopping public at the Ala Moana Shopping Center where we registered voters all day Saturday and Sunday were something else again. Call the office for the dates of our next stint at Ala Moana before the general election and get in on the fun.

Arlene Ellis

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