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Waikiki Plans Proliferate

A number of initiatives are under way to work out a master plan for Waikiki.

At City Chief Planning Officer Ben Lee's invitation, League members on August 16 were given a presentation in the Mayor's Conference Room of the Department of General Planning's studies of preliminary proposals for Waikiki improvements. Based on the idea of Waikiki as a ."gathering place" and emphasizing "the pedestrian experience", other current proposals for a long-range improvement plan for Waikiki, such as those of the Waikiki Improvement Association, the Queen Emma Foundation and the Mayor's Master Plan Task Force.

In addition, a new group, "Vision for Waikiki 2020" is being formed by Council Chair Arnold Morgado, to try to bring together State and City officials into a broad-based Waikiki Master Planning Committee, which will include representatives of business and community groups, landowners and the visitor industry. League has been asked to participate in this effort. Input from concerned citizens will be welcomed.

Some of the major unresolved issues involved in the proposals made by one or more of these concept plans are the possible alternative use of the Jefferson School site for a Convention Center (rather than the State designated International Market Place), types and location of mass transit (rail on Kuhio Avenue, mini-buses, a people mover), how to discourage through traffic from coming into Waikiki, converting Kalakaua Avenue to a pedestrian mall, widening pedestrian sidewalks on Kuhio, reconfiguring and extending the Ala Wai Canal and creating a pedestrian promenade on both sides of it, etc.

At the August 16 meeting a number of Leaguers urged the City to make every effort to bring these various planning groups together so that a mutually acceptable plan could be adopted and implemented before current projects such as the International Market Place Convention Center Complex were built which would render many of the planning concepts in the various studies moot.

On August 25 Dr. Meilani Mohl, Professor at Hawaii Pacific University, spoke to Planning & Zoning Committee members about a proposal for a world-class convention center to be located on the 14.5 acre State owned, Jefferson School site. The proposers say that they can comply with the zoning, density and height regulations and still build a convention center free of cost to the State.

Astrid Monson
Planning,& Zoning Committee Chair

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