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Honolulu League Cited for "Speak Out Hawaii" Project

The following article appeared in In Touch, a publication of the League of Women Voters of the United States and sent to all LWV presidents and DPM subscribers:

The LWV of Hawaii decided to get personal about elections. Not about candidates, about the issues. During the 1988 election season, the LWV of Honolulu sponsored a "Speak Out Hawaii" series of two-minute spots on local KFVE, Channel 5. A previous series of LWV election PSA's had prompted Channel 5 to ask the League to moderate a public service panel show. League president Arlene Ellis took that opportunity to describe the League's "Speak Out" concept to station executives - and the rest is on the air.

The project was designed to generate public discussion by inviting recognized spokespeople with positions on important local and state issues to "speak out" on two-minute primetime TV spots during election season. The goal: to stimulate viewers to think about their own positions on the issues and to encourage them to ask their candidates where they stand.

The League invited representatives from business, labor, tourism, banking, agriculture, environmental interests, community service groups - more than 85 "speakers" in all. Political candidates and party spokespeople were excluded.

Channel 5 handled all production and filming; the League provided an LWV banner and poster for the set, prepared the intro and close, and coordinated rehearsal and taping schedules. The League also placed a weekly newspaper ad previewing the speakers, the only out-of-pocket cost for the project.

Key Success Factor: Developing a creative "marketable" concept to meet a traditional LWV goal: "Speak Out, Hawaii" was a success because it attracted a TV sponsor and prominent community participants.

Signs of Success: "Two-and-a-half months of primetime visibility really paid off" in community and individual recognition for the League. Tangible results also have come in the form of new LWV members and contributions.

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