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Dorothy Murdock Honored

Dorothy Murdock Honored

Dorothy Murdock, a member of the League of Women Voters for more than 50 years, moved to Atlanta several months ago to be closer to her family. Dorothy was a valuable member of her community and a willing and tireless worker for the Honolulu League.

When Dorothy unpacked her last box of belongings she had shipped to Atlanta, she found a Resolution from the City and County of Honolulu honoring her for her many contributions to the community and also a letter of commendation from her Neighborhood Board. In her haste to pack for the movers, she had stashed these two letters in a box and didn't realize she had received these honors until she found them in Atlanta! A contributions, Dorothy was a faithful Council observer and a helpful advisor on city planning for the League. She was a member and Chair of the Makiki Neighborhood Board and a leader in the beautification of Makiki, particularly in the effort to plant and maintain trees on Makiki streets.

We miss Dorothy and wish her well in her new life in Atlanta.

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