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President's Message

An outline of the necessary time-line for program planning and budget submission was reported in the recent State Post-Board Summary. It is important that we keep the dates in mind as we consider those issues we want State League to tackle next year and even beyond. The dates are by February 18, 1991 for program proposals and By-Law amendment recommendations and March 18, 1991 for receipt of the State's proposed Budget for 1991-92.

Many of you will remember that at the last State Convention in 1989, Honolulu proposed a State study on Condominium and Co-op Leasehold Conversion to Fee, that was defeated on the convention floor by one vote. In our naiveté, we had assumed that since many of our members were condo and co-op dwellers and the question of condo leasehold conversion was prominent in the news at the time, and since many of Honolulu's delegates offered to work on the proposed study, there would be no question that we could vote the study in even though the State Board had placed it in a non-recommended position.

We were wrong in our assumptions. The delegate body was wrong in not voting the study in. We in Honolulu failed to make the importance of the issue clear to the neighbor island Leagues and point out that in due time the same problem would impact their islands. One of the hottest issues before. the public today is leasehold conversion for condos and co-ops and the related problems of lease rent renegotiation and reversion, both on Oahu and the neighbor islands.

The State Legislature in the last two sessions tabled consideration of this important issue, so the City Council took on the problems of condo and co-op lessees in the form of Bill 81. The Governor recently announced that he would be in favor of considering the question in the next legislative session. We were hamstrung during the Council hearings and the many public hearings held over the past months because we did not have a position on which we could testify. A study begun in 1989 would have been properly timed so that by this time we would know where we are on the question-pro or con.

It is true that we cannot tackle all the problems of government or issues of public interest. But it is a shame that when we have an avid interest in a problem -- when members are willing to work and wrestle with an issue -- they are doused with cold water.

We must not let this happen again. If any of you out there have a consuming interest in an issue that you feel is within the purview of State League jurisdiction, and you are willing to work on it, by all means contact a member of the Honolulu Board and let us look at it. Since the "drop-dead" date is February 18, get it to us by the 18th of January so we can discuss it.

Arlene Ellis

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