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Action on Charter Amendments

Astrid Monson, Chair, Planning Committee

On November 6, the people of Oahu voted on five controversial City Charter amendments proposed by the City Council. Three were approved and two were rejected.

At meetings on October 11 and October 29, League's Charter Review Committee, tinder Chair Jean Aoki, heard from John Whalen and Arnold Morgado who respectively urged disapproval and approval of the amendment package.

In each case League members raised a number of questions, pointed out that there had been inadequate public information and debate about the issues, and expressed the opinion that a decision on these complex questions would better be made after the 1991 Charter Review Commission could analyze the pros and cons, hold extensive public hearings and make recommendations. It was felt in this way not only the five amendments proposed by Council, but also the three it did not recommend, and others not yet formulated and proposed could be given comprehensive and orderly review.

. League's position was expressed in Letters to the Editor published October 18 and 19 which stated, "whatever the merits of these amendments, we believe that the process followed has not been adequate ....". League urges that the pending Charter amendments "be referred to the Charter Review Commission" for detailed analysis, comprehensive public review, and an informed decision by the voters in 1992".

League's position pre-dated formation of "Citizens to Defend the Charter" characterized in the press as "a group that included several associates of Mayor Frank Fasi …… who consider the proposed amendments as little more than a turf battle between Council members and Fasi".

League was not part of this group, did not endorse its position and made it clear that we were not pro or con any or all of the proposed amendments at this time but that a NO vote was necessary to defer decisions.

A request we made on October 29 for a "pro-con analysis, said to be available from the City Clerk's office, was unsuccessful. "We never heard of it", we were informed when we asked for a copy.

Astrid Monson

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