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League Testifies on Annual Plan Review

The final step in the Annual Development Plan A endment Review was the City Council public earing held November 14. Presiklent Arlene Ilis testified for League on two major issues. Her testimony summarized our previous statemen s to Chief Planning Officer Ben Lee, the City Planing Commission, and Council's Planning Committee (Leigh Wai Doo, Chair).

As we have for years, we opposed raising maximum building heights downtown from 350 to 500 feet and raising densities accordingly. We pointed out that there is unused building capacity in the area of at least 50% over present floor area without tearing down any historic structures. In fact, we pointed out, increasing permitted heights and densities would raise land values and profitability and encourage, rather than discourage, replacement of low-rise historic buildings with super-high sky-scrapers. We also objected to the proposal that unused development rights be allowed to be transferred from low buildings to further increase floor area capacity elsewhere downtown, which could further distort planning and zoning regulations.

As to golf courses, we pointed out that some forty proposals, involving up to 10,000 acres of mostly prime agricultural land, are in the pipeline. Of these, ten more or less, are in the 1990 Annual Review. Since two bills are already before Council-one, #108, calling for a one-year moratorium on all and any golf course approvals, and the other, #DP 90/CP-5, establishing standards, criteria and requirements for all golf courses to be approved in the future-we urged that all DP applications for golf courses be rejected for the time being.

We also pointed out that in addition to these two bills, we need an island-wide policy and plan to govern the location and timing of golf courses and, indeed, what limits should be put on how much land should be devoted to this use in relation to the land needs of housing, industry, commerce, and the like.

Decisions on these amendments are scheduled to be made by the Council by year's end.

Astrid Monson
Chair, Planning & Zoning Committee

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