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Teamsters Vote Count
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Honolulu League Contemplating Computer System for Office
New Publication: Gun Control

Teamsters Vote Count

Thanks to the 36 Leaguers who rallied to our call of desperation, League successfully completed the controversial Teamsters special election on October 20.

Roy Kawamoto, the Election Supervisor of the U.S. Department of Labor was so impressed by the election process and efficiency of handling that he stated, "Elizabeth Dole should send League a letter of commendation."

Many of the Leaguers participated all of the days we worked: September 25, 26 and 27, and on October 20. Virginia Kepano even volunteered four friends of League. With this kind of enthusiasm we will be able to meet our budget this fiscal year.

For those of you who spent the many hours laboring over the menial tasks assigned to you, for those who could not make it because of ill health and for the others of you who wanted to, but had other commitments -- you not only gave the income boost we sorely needed, but you performed a much needed public service in preserving the integrity of the ballot and keeping the Teamsters election honest.

Mahalo to the following vote count participants: Karen Ahn, Jean Aoki, Evelyn Bender, Camille Downing Butler, Shirley Cartwright, Riki Cheever, Linda Chinn, Irene Coogan, Jackie Dame, Robert Dame, Gillian Dobb, Glendora Forshee, Elizabeth Galvin, John Galvin, Ruth Gilmar, Betty Goodwin, Bernice Hayashida, Jerry Hess, Terry Jaskot, Esther Jenkins, Yvonne Kearns, Virginia Kepano, Annie Kim, Frances Leilani, Robin Loomis, Shirley McLaren, Tess Misrasi, Pearl Nishimura, Inez Kong Pai, Jean Roberts, Edna Shoup, Mary Frances Sutphen, Marion Thorp, Barrie Trebor-MacConnell, Mildred Walston, Marian Wilkins and friends of League: Iela Malina Hubbard, Doreen Kaluna, Sam Kepano, Tiny Maynard.

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