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Update on City Recycling Efforts

Betty Gordon and Dorothy Turnbull met with Suzanne Jones, Recycling Coordinator for the City and County of Honolulu who is in charge of the one year pilot project in the Windward area now at the three month point. During the first six months of the project participation is voluntary, and for the last six months it will be mandatory.

Currently there is about 90% participation and Jones hopes that after the year-end evaluation, the program can be expanded without enforced participation.

To supplement curbside pick-up there will be additional, more convenient drop-off centers.

She is optimistic that recyclables can be processed and used here. She gave as an example glass, which is crushed here and then shipped to California. The pulverized glass can be used as sand and mixed with asphalt for road paving.

Composting yard waste is another possibility. Vegetation combined with residue, called sludge, from sewage treatment plants makes excellent fertilizer. It is now being buried in landfills because it does not burn well. The same type of fertilizer is being shipped to Hawaii from as far away as Wisconsin. Another possibility is that old rubber tires can be shredded and used in various ways; these also make fine fuel for the garbage-to-energy plant.

Jones urges everyone to go out to Sand Island to see H-Power in action. She thinks residents will be impressed by the huge amounts of trash collected and the way it is dealt with there. A

Dorothy Turnbull

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