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Neighborhood Board Elections
President's Message (Arlene Ellis)
League Testifies on Annual Plan Review (Astrid Monson)
Action on Charter Amendments (Astrid Monson)
It Doesn't Take Much
General Membership Meeting
Teamsters Vote Count
United Nations to Focus on Women in the '90s
From the President (Massachusetts Voter) (Risa Nyman)
Scarlet Letters: An Introduction
Letter from LWV to Kent Baker, KHON-TV2 (Anne Lee)
Vacancies on the Governor's Boards & Commissions
Update on City Recycling Efforts (Dorothy Turnbull)
Hawaii's Living Will (Joan Hayes)
Welcome New Members
Honolulu League Contemplating Computer System for Office
New Publication: Gun Control

Vacancies on the Governor's Boards & Commissions

These positions are vacant and are to be filled before the end of the 1991 Legislative session:

  • Advisory Council for Children & Youth (4)

  • Advisory Council for Community Services (3)

  • Policy Advisory Board for Elderly Affairs (2)

  • Environmental Council (3)

  • State Ethics Commission (1)

  • Hawaii Housing Authority (1)

  • Board of Directors, Hawaii Information Network Corp (1)

  • Honolulu Subarea Health Planning Council (2)

  • Central Oahu Subarea Health Planning Council (1)

  • Waianae Coast Subarea Health Planning Council (3)

  • Windward Subarea Health Planning Council (1)

  • Board of Land & Natural Resources (2)

  • Library Advisory Commission of Honolulu (1)

  • Board of Public Broadcasting (2)

  • Commission on the Status of Women (2)

If you are interested in applying for any of these positions, call Evelyn Bender (737-2524).

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