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Bill of Rights Bicentennial to be Remembered

In celebration of the bicentennial of the Bill of Rights, the Honolulu Community-Media Council in cooperation with the William S. Richardson School of Law and the Journalism Department of the University of Hawaii is sponsoring a two day forum on Friday and Saturday, February 8 and 9, 1991.

J. Anthony Lewis, well known as the guardian of human rights and The New York Times' U.S. Supreme Court reporter, will be the keynoter of the observance. He will speak on "Should the First Amendment Freedoms of Speech and the Press Survive their 200th Birthday?" at the opening night banquet at the Pacific Club. The $30/person dinner charge will be the only cost to forum participants.

Lewis won his first Pulitzer Prize in 1955 for his series of articles examining the whole question of security investigations. The American Newspaper Guild also awarded him its Heywood Broun prize for that series. He received his second Pulitzer Prize in 1963 for National Reporting. As author of "Gideon's Trumpet", he is acknowledged as one of the "best fact-crime writers".

Saturday's activities will move to Orvis Auditorium on the University of Hawaii campus. Professor Jon Van Dyke of the law school will open the session with a talk on "Free Speech and Precious Liberties: Their Origins and Uniqueness". This will be followed by a panel discussion and debate on: "Should Sexist, Racist and Defamatory Speech and Flag Burning Be Protected by the First Amendment?"

Law Professor Richard S. Miller will moderate this discussion. Panelists are two visiting law school professors: Carl Monk, former Dean of the Washburn University School of Law, and Philip Elman, former member of the Solicitor General's Office in Washington, D.C.; Law Professors Amy Kastely and Jay Dratler; Jeffrey Portnoy, local media attorney and partner, Cades, Schutte, Fleming & Wright; Gerry Keir, editor-in chief, Honolulu Advertiser, and A.A. Smyser, contributing editor, Honolulu Star-Bulletin. Ian Lind, editor, Hawaii Monitor, will summarize the discussion.

Those wanting more information about the banquet and forum may call Ah Jook Ku, secretary, Honolulu Community-Media Council, at 521-6323.

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