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President's Message (Arlene Ellis)
Reapportionment is Just Around the Corner
Don't Just Sit There
Pilot Recycling Program to Begin at Selected Schools
Bill of Rights Bicentennial to be Remembered
Membership Update
Initiative Forum

Don't Just Sit There

So you went to the polls and voted on November 6. Now, don't just sit there; do what you can to see that your wishes are carried out by those who were elected.

Why not join the League's Lobbying Corps at the State Capitol during the legislative session or help staff the Public Access Room, the only such room in the nation?

Are you interested in working on one of the League's issues such as gun control, education, environment, basic human needs, elections, initiative, re-apportionment, women's issues, ethics, campaign spending, etc.? If so, contact Evelyn Bender, 737-2524, or leave a message al the League Office, 531-7448.

If you want to learn about the Legislature and its process, why not volunteer 4 hours a week at the Public Access Room, #39, State Capitol. You will receive training on the Access computer system and in other legislative processes, meet interesting people, and be in on what goes on in Hawaii's government. If interested, contact Evelyn Bender, 737-2524, or leave a message at the League office.

WARNING! Working with the Legislature is addictive!
But, so what? Do it anyway. You'll be glad you did.

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