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President's Message

What happened to 1990? Before we had a chance to resolve our concerns, it's suddenly 1991. Did 1989 slip into 1990 the same way?

No. We burst into 1990 with the battle to keep the Development Plan Annual Review process intact. After winning that war, we fought to avoid the regressive excise tax increase proposed to fund rail transit.

After over 10 years of division within League over the question of rail transit, Honolulu finally reached a consensus and League took a position opposing rail transit for the present time. We testified at numerous Public Hearings and Committee meetings and joined other public interest groups and community organizations to call for an independent study of the possibilities of a full-range non-rail mass transit system with measures which could be integrated with rail if it were built or be substituted for it as a workable alternative if it weren't.

We opposed the monstrous Aloha Motors Convention Center complex and demonstrated and testified against the excessive densities and heights allowed for the project, as well as the innumerable negative environmental impacts that were being ignored.

"Comprehensive long-range planning for Waikiki" became our rallying cry as we marched down Kalakaua Avenue and up Hotel Street to the Capitol. The Waikiki Convention Center Authority became our target as we opposed yet another monstrous Convention Center complex at the International Market Place.

We objected to the five amendments to the City Charter placed on the ballot in November by the City Council and called for the consideration of all 8 brought before the Council, after the opportunity for public input and consideration during the 1991 Charter Commission review.

We questioned the legality of the $100 million impact fee proposal for golf courses, and called for a moratorium on all applications to develop new or expanded golf courses until sound land use policies for golf courses are developed.

We lobbied and testified at both the Legislature and Council for the restoration of County land-use Initiative that has been in the County Charters of all the islands, some as far back as 20 years.

We testified at the Legislature for "mail-in" voter registration and supported "motor-voter" at Council.

So, what's ahead for 1991? Here's a quick list. Where's the independent study on a non-rail mass transit system? How about a moratorium for Waikiki and the Aloha Motors site until a comprehensive longrange plan can be completed? Take a good look at the Charter Commission, and by the way, how can we get on it? Let's get back County land-use Initiative.

Arlene Kim Ellis

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