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Committee Nominates Slate of Directors for Honolulu League

The Nominating Committee recommends the following slate for approval at the annual meeting:


Ben Hopkins, Vice President (1 year term)
Riki Cheever, Treasurer (2 year term)
Eve Anderson (2 year term)
Bob Dame (2 year term)
Astrid Monson (1 year term)
Dorothy Turnbull (2 year term)

Nominating Committee

Yvonne F. Kearns, Chair
Tess Misrasi
Betty Rogers

Eve Anderson has been an active community volunteer for the past 25 years. She helped establish women's athletics at the University of Hawaii and was the first President of the Rainbow Wahine Hui; she currently serves as Chairman of the Board of Trustees for Kapiolani Women's & Children's Medical Center. She is on the board of: Waimanalo Neighborhood Board, the Sandy Beach Coalition, the National Congress of Hospital Trustees, the Hawaiian Humane Society, the Morris Animal Foundation, the Save Olomana Committee, and she is a past board member of the Ronald McDonald House and Therapeutic Horsemanship.

Riki Cheever was first introduced to League by her great grandmother who served as area President for KPOL-TV Channel 40 in Tucson as an Accounting Assistant, Film Director and Vice-President of Programming. She assisted in the development of a local community affairs program, "Focus on 40", which dealt with local and national issues. She worked with Hemmeter Design Group as Payroll Manager and then Special Projects Coordinator. She was Office Manager for Spencer Mason Architects and currently is working towards a bachelors degree in accounting.

Bob Dame, a professional engineer, was Technical Consultant for Pacific Missile Range and worked for the Missile Flight Test Program for Sperry Gyroscope. He is concerned with Hawaii's transit problems and possible solutions.

Ben Hopkins, a graduate of Yale Law School, moved to Hawaii in 1973 to join the faculty at the William S. Richardson School of Law. He is a fulltime citizen activist concerned that a crisis has developed in housing and the cost of living; land use/ economy/environment; energy; transportation; Hawaiian rights and government.

Astrid Monson, a presidential appointee to the board, worked as a professional planner for 50 years both in the United States and many areas of Europe and Asia. As League's long-time Planning & Zoning Chair , her expertise has been invaluable as League continues to work toward long-range comprehensive planning for Oahu.

Dorothy Turnbull began her League activities 30 years ago in Wisconsin. She participated in the first union vote in Honolulu. She was Chair of the Honolulu League Unit and was a Honolulu City Council Observer. Dorothy has served on the board for the past two years with a particular interest in recycling issues.

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