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Hawaii Schools in the Decade Ahead

Hawaii Schools in the Decade Ahead

Hawaii schools present us with one of the most important challenges we must solve -- to move away from an outmoded industrial model of public education to one that will serve students in the 21st century.

How can we revitalize our schools to better serve Hawaii's diversity of students? What will motivate students to enjoy learning? What kind of student do we want to educate? How can schools be flexible and at the same time hold high standards for student performance? How can we give teachers the respect and autonomy they need for their best performance?

These are some of the questions we will tackle with Mr. Carl Takamura, Executive Director of Action for Excellence, Hawaii Business Roundtable, and Mr. Tom Husted, new Executive Director of HSTA, the teacher's union. Participating for League will be Education Committee members Marion Saunders and Libby Oshiyama.

You have read much about School Community Based Management (SCBM) as a new reform strategy adopted by the Department of Education. Is this a valid strategy for Hawaii? What other options do we have? This is a critical time to address these questions-before we invest huge sums in one single strategy for reform.

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