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Vote Counts

It is THAT TIME OF YEAR again! We not only prepare our budget for the coming fiscal year, we work together to meet it. The following schedule looks formidable-and it is. But we are confident Leaguers will meet the challenge. We thank the organizations that make it possible for us to earn the revenues we need to keep our offices and meet the rapidly increasing overhead, insurance requirements, communicate with our membership and carry on League studies and activities without resorting to member and business solicitation.

The following include 4 vote counts; some of which overlap. They are Hawaiian Tel FCU, Neighborhood Board, Local 5 and HGEA. Call the office and sign up for 2, 4, 6, 8 or more!

3-18 to 3-22Office 10 to Noon6
3-25 to 3-29Office 10 to Noon6
4-1 to 4-5Office 10 to Noon6
4-1 to 4-5City Hall, 7th Floor, 1 to 6PM15
4-61181 Alakea, 8:30 to 11:30AM20
4-8 to 4-13City Hall, 7th Floor, 10 AM to 6PM15
4-15 to 4-19City Hall, 7th Floor, 10AM to 6PM15
4-20Municipal Bldg. Basement 8AM to 5PM12
4-22 to 4-26Office 10 AM to 2 PM12
4-30Waikiki Community Center 8AM to 5PM36
5-1 to 5-4Office 10AM to 2PM6
5-6 to 5-10Office 10AM to 2PM6
5-11888 Mililani, 1st Floor, 8AM to 5PM36

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