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President's Message (Arlene Ellis)
League Testifies
Volunteers Needed to Help Neglected and Abused Children
Letters from Leaguers (Sam Szucs)
Letters from Leaguers - 2 (Mildred Walston)
Citizen's Petition - The National Voter Registration Act
Q & A on Voter Registration Reform Legislation
For Action! Petition Congress - National Voting Act
Officers and Board of Directors Approved at Annual Meeting
LWV-Hawaii Convention 1991

League of Women Voters of Hawaii Convention 1991

Financing and Delivery of Health Care in the US

SATURDAY, MAY 18, 7:00 p.m.

Michael Dukakis,
Former Governor of Massachusetts,
Visiting Professor, University of Hawaii, Manoa

John Lewin, MD,
Dept. of Health, State of Hawaii

SUNDAY, MAY 19, 10:30 a.m.

Panel Discussion

Earl Fedje,
LWV Health Chair, Moderator


Marvin Hall,

Ah Quon McElrath,

John McDonnell,
Hawaii Medical Ass'n.

Lorraine Carlson,
UH School of Nursing

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