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President's Message

The last two months was a busy time in vote counting. It was heart-warming to see the steady stream of Leaguers report to work day after day. The numbers were not large, but they were regular and the job was done.

We completed the Hawaiian Telephone, Neighborhood Board and Local 5 vote counts with flying colors and have only two more to go before we can all take a well-deserved break until October.

Yes (shudder) the Courts may rule that the Teamster's election be repeated. Regardless of the Court decision, the Teamster's regular election is to be held sometime this October followed by the Local 5 regular election in January. Rest well and be prepared.

Our congratulations to the new Officers and Directors elected for this fiscal year. A listing appears on an inside page. Welcome aboard and be prepared to work toward a full program which includes the National study on the financing of Health Care, two State studies on Leasehold Conversion and Homerule, as well as our on-going review of the City Council and the Charter Commission.

Issues prominent on our calendar are Transit, Master Planning of Waikiki, Golf Course development policies, Land-use Initiative, as well as our constant vigilance of Ethics in Government.

Our congratulations also to Leaguers Karen Ahn and Anita Benfatti who were appointed to the Charter Commission. There may be some hope of positive results from this Commission.

Arlene Ellis

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