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Motor Voter Registration Up-Date

Senate Action on the National Voter Registration Act. S250 is now ready to be scheduled for floor consideration and vote by the full Senate. We need to generate massive constituent support so please write your senators and urge them to cosponsor and to vote for passage of S250. Also urge them to vote for cloture on the bill and to oppose a Dole/Stevens substitute bill. (Cloture is a procedural motion to limit debate and cut off a filibuster.)

The National Voter Registration Act provides a simple and efficient means to enable citizens to register to vote in federal elections through:

Motor voter registration
Mail registration
Agency registration

S250 includes provisions that strengthen anti-fraud protections.

Mandatory address verification provisions also reduce the possibilities for fraud by requiring state programs to remove the names of those who have died or moved out of the jurisdiction, lessening the opportunities for potential abuse.

Senators Dole and Stevens are expected to offer a substitute for S250 on the Senate floor, making reform voluntary for the states. The League opposes such a substitute as voluntary law would be ineffective in ending the patchwork of procedures and in breaking down barriers to registration. Without a federal. mandate, states cannot be expected to make the necessary changes. Many states have practices that have a discriminatory effect.

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