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Charter Review Meeting

Ian Lind, editor and publisher of the Hawaii Monitor will speak on "Conflict of Interest and Voting at the City Council" 9:30am at the Charter Review Committee meeting July 11 in the League office. Ian was not only the former Executive Director of Common Cause who spearheaded "Sunshine" in government, but he was also Neil Abercrombie's aide at the City Council.

The conflict of interest question was discussed at Council committee meetings, when many citizen's organizations testified among which was the League.

The questions raised by the League were:

  1. How do we link Council members right to abstain from voting to conflicts of interest? Members need not in fact is not allowed to explain the reason for abstention.

  2. Should abstentions be tied to Rule 13 which requires a written statement of the conflict. As a possibility, a member could say, "in accordance with my statement of date submitted in accordance with Rule 13, I abstain".

  3. It should be made clear that abstention is not the same as "silence" --- for example, not an affirmative vote, which we assume is the intent of this resolution.

All Leaguers are invited to attend this meeting.

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