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Viewpoint for KHPR

June 7, 1991

KUDOS to U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, who broke Republican party ranks to oppose the government's rule forbidding any mention of abortion as an option in family planning clinics receiving even a minimum of Federal Aid. The Courts 5-4 decision clearly indicates the political divisiveness of the issue.

If the country's 4000 family planning clinics follow the ruling, some 5 million poor women, mostly minority, would be deprived of important information freely available to their richer sisters. Since abortion is legal, how can it be illegal to talk about it? If it can be discussed by private doctors in their own offices, why not by the same doctors in a clinic partly financed by public funds? Do we want this kind of a two-tiered, separate but unequal, health care system?

Many clinics will refuse Federal Aid and try to raise the money elsewhere. Others, however, will have to close down or narrow the range of their services to exclude mention of abortion. Will they even be allowed to tell their clients that they are not allowed to tell them about abortion? To refer them to someone or some place that can? Will the government employ spies to enforce this ruling?

Federal taxes are paid by all of us, not only by those who oppose reproductive choice. This minority should not be allowed to dictate how the taxes paid by the majority shall be used.

Swift Congressional action is needed to undo this mischief if we are not to go back to the days of back-alley surgery and self-inflicted butchery. These decisions should be between women and their doctors, not 5 elderly men who have never faced having to make them.

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