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Honolulu City Council Districts
Arguments for and against Limiting Terms of Council Members
Arguments for and against the Different Electoral Systems
Environment and Natural Resources
Conflict of Interest and Excusal from Voting
Testimony at Public Hearing
Uncharted Realm of Term Limitation (Jeffrey L. Katz)
Consensus Meeting
Golf Course Development Policies Workshop
Teamsters Vote Count

Consensus Meeting

The Consensus Meeting to review our positions on local government and consider some amendments to the City Charter is scheduled as a Breakfast Meeting for September 28 at the Elks Club.

This issue features pros and cons on different electoral sys¬tems, limited terms and a discus¬sion on voting by council members on matters where there is personal conflict of interest. Also in¬cluded is an article on limited and unlimited terms by Jeffrey L. Katz found in the January 1991 issue of the periodical, "Governing" published by the Congressional Quarterly and reprinted with the publisher's permission. The September issue of the Voter will include other pro/con arguments, as well as the consensus questions.

The Consensus Meeting on Local Government and Charter Review Amendments will be held at the the Elks Club, 2933 Kalakaua Avenue on: Saturday, September 28, 1991 at 9am. Registration will begin at 8:45am Breakfast Buffet--Fruits, rolls, and beverage Cost -- $3.75 including tax and gratuities

We recommend that reservations be made early.

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